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2020 Production consultancy – Christmas films

Campaigns Carrefour & Orange

The festive season is always an opportunity for brands to communicate in a friendly and engaging way. And although the context we are experiencing in 2020 is special, the major brands are no exception to the rule.

At Carrefour and Orange France, mastodons of the advertising market in France, the Christmas campaign is always one of the major events of the year.

We have been lucky enough to work for these two brands and to follow their Christmas projects for several years. And we have once again been able to observe all the importance of these projects despite a context where it is very difficult to shoot and stop a script (was Carrefour supposed to show toy shelves in its film when they are currently closed? Should Orange show scenes of family meals when family gatherings are currently prohibited)?

This situation did not stop them and as proof that they did well, we discover two magnificent films, directed by Rudi Rosenberg (Production Insurrection) for Carrefour and Vincent Lobelle (Iconoclast) for Orange. Films that will put a smile back on their lips.

For these two films, we accompanied the two brands in the control of budgets and production configurations (we follow the project from the production brief to the handing over of the antenna tapes).

For Orange, we also inaugurated a new offer: our Eco-control production management with more than encouraging results since we managed to limit carbon emissions by more than 15%! We will come back to this offer in detail in a future article.

In the meantime, we invite you to read this week’s dossier in Strategy, dedicated to Christmas productions in Covid time, where Géraldine Lamamy (Precious Associate Director) is speaking here

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