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2020 Production Coordination // Hépar

Podcast Campaign – “Les chroniques de l’intérieur”

It’s a very innovative project that Hépar launched in 2020!

The Nestlé Waters group’s magnesium-rich water brand aimed to reach a new target group of consumers, but also to speak to them differently.

The project for this activation was born out of a desire for the brand to be useful to their customers and to help make the subject of constipation less taboo.

This is why, instead of creating a classic advertising campaign, the brand embarked on the podcast adventure! This desire for authenticity led them to look at an unusual production model, without an agency, where major players in the French podcast industry were interviewed.

In a competition that we orchestrated, it was Binge Studio, a major French actor (known, among others, for the famous Les couilles sur la table) who won this project thanks to a content proposal in the form of an auto-fiction where the actress Eleonore Coste (known for her Studio Bagel or Topito videos) plays the main character!

A campaign supported by a media plan set up by Zénith Optimédia that was never seen before for the Swiss group (Spotify activation, Deezer, TV tag sponsoring a podcast…) and was a success because, beyond the volume of listenings (+50K in 3 months), the rates of completion (around 80%) are also excellent, proving the usefulness of the brand’s approach.

We accompanied this project from A to Z, from the genesis of the idea to the production coordination of the case study, including marketing PR support for the operation, with of course the main mission being the organisation of the competition between the podcast players and the supervision of the recordings. All this during the confinement!

If you would like more information on this project, we invite you to read the interview with the brand and Géraldine Lamamy (Precious associate director) here.

A project that proves that brands can have a societal utility in their communication!

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